Friday, September 2, 2011

The Split

Boss or Golden?

Golden or Boss?

The decision is being made for me, I love them both. The tension between them is unsettling and I've been trying to split my time between them equally. One moment they're all smiles the next moment Golden is locked in the bathroom crying quietly so no one can hear her (unless you have dog ears!).

Golden has decided to talk to Boss about whether it's alright to take me. I'm technically her dog, under her name but he's been an equal part of loving and caring for me. Considering I was stepping in to fill their broken hearts after the loss of the baby it's only fair to give both sides a chance to take me.

Here's the depressing part. Unfortunately coincidences have been cruel to Boss and Golden. Golden's brother is coming on the 6th which was her projected due date to have the baby. Golden isn't sure if Boss remembers, but it's an extra sad thing to add on to an extra sad day.

Golden has had second thoughts, but she knows that improvements from Boss are a last second effort to keep her here. I love him. I love her. I want to be with both of them but the reality is that she needs to move on.

I'll keep you guys posted.


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Things aren't going so well in our little family. Boss has gotten lazy and my Golden is fed up. He's been playing video games for hours and hours instead of playing with us. It's just gone downhill.

My Golden has been doing weird stuff to get herself ready to leave.  She's changed her color! She's not a Golden anymore, but now a chocolatey color. Silly human. She tried looking for a place that would allow her to keep me, but she can't find a place she can afford. So she's giving up on college for a bit to head back east with me for a few months.

I'm very sad about this. I love my Boss when he isn't being lazy. Golden loves him too, but she can't live everyday being ignored by her own fiance.

I hear that there's another dog where we're moving. So excited about that!

I'll keep you all updated when I can!

Here's a picture of the dog I will be moving in with. He's handsome, isn't he ladies?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wrestling Champion!

My life is awesome.

My Golden and Boss' nieces came in and played with me. They are still nervous around dogs, but after a while they were wrestling around with me. I loved tasting their faces and trying to pry my toys out of their hands. I successfully got all the stubby arms off of my last squeaky stuffed animal.

Golden is reading reviews on new dog treats. Anyone have any suggestions for her?

Gremlins in the Park

My Golden drove me to the dog park early this morning. The park was full of really fun dog personalities and as soon as we were enclosed in the park I was set free to meet and greet them all. It was a blast showing off how fast I am compared to everyone else, I even heard one of the other humans mention that I might have a bit of Greyhound in me (there we go with the guessing again)! I love being chased around by my friends and I have no problem making new friends, until today.

This tall and older human lady was carrying two yorkies past me, she was looking down her long nose (longer than mine) at me and said this;

"We'll go to the one in Henderson, we don't play with dogs that look like GREMLINS!"

My Golden went nutso on her. She then swooped down on me and began rambling about how cute I am and how my personality makes me even cuter. I don't really believe her, but I'm not keen on being a good looking dog. I have a lot of lessons to teach all of these humans about what makes a -good dog-. I kind of like being the ugly duckling.

Besides, Gremlins was a great movie. At least I think so. ;)

Monday, June 27, 2011

A journey begins

My name is Sally.

Not the world's most creative name, but a name none the less to a dog with such a humble beginning.

I am a stray, not by choice of course but I'm not the most wanted of animals in the Vegas area which is flooded with lovely pitbulls and chihuahuas. I am a mix of every breed know to man. The animal shelter had a fun time trying to figure out my precise origins, and I laugh in their direction for trying.

I had recently had puppies prior to going to the animal shelter, the puppies are no longer in my life but I hope as a mother would that they have found a charming home.

Surprisingly, I managed to find a home after a month's stay at an animal shelter. I fondly refer to them as my pets. They are a young couple having just lost a child of their own (the similarities were striking, my friends) and the young woman became instantly attached to me despite my rough fur and over all...not very attractive physique. I call her my Golden because of her hair color. I call him boss, because he's just boss. I found their personalities quite intriguing. Both were playful and loving, it was so hard to resist their charms. They took me home a day later after I went through a major surgery so that I could have no more pups.

It's been four months since I chose to go home with these two weirdos. I wake up to their faces beaming down on me way too early in the morning. I know that this is my forever home.